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Annie Xavier Kitchen  Volume. 7

ISBN-978-967-18611-4-1 (Launch on 31st March 2021)

Featuring 44 delectable recipes from Annie Xavier! (Thermomix cooking steps & Conventional Stove cooking steps included in both English & Mandarin language)

My philosophy in cooking has always been "easy to cook, yummy to eat".  This philosophy drives every decision i make on what to cook for my family and friends to enjoy.

This new volume further expresses my philosophy - that with the right recipes, a woman can be confident and relaxed while cooking in her kitchen.

I am a real woman who is balancing a career and my family and i want to make sure that my recipes work for other women who are juggling busy schedules too.

It is my wish that my cookbooks can breathe life into your culnary skills and bringing great nourishment and enjoyment to your family and friends.

My plan for the future is to continue doing what i love - cooking, sharing and encouraging women from all walks of life to cook for their families and friends!