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This cookbook is a great means of kick starting your cooking with Thermomix, helping you to whip up a perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner anytime and every time, for your family and friends. Most of the recipes are Chinese or Asian inspired home cooked dishes and delicacies. As they have been tested and retested, they are easy enough for anyone to attempt. Feel free to explore and tailor these dishes to suit your taste buds. For example, if spicy food is not your thing, just leave the chili out. I find that deseeding chilies helps a lot in cutting down on the spiciness.

Annie Xavier Kitchen  Volume. 1


Featuring 41 delectable recipes from Annie Xavier in both English and Mandarin (New!)

TM Cooking Steps (TM31, TM5, TM6) and Conventional Cooking Steps are now both included.


Every recipe has been carefully chosen for the wonderful flavors that it can to your family, for your enjoyment.


The food photography in this book was done by Annie Xavier.  The recipes were all double or triple-tested to ensure a perfect every time.  You can easily whip up a five-course including desert by following the recipes here.  This book is a celebration of Asian dishes that will blow home cooks away!

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Mango Sago Cold Desert -
IMG_0017 - View Res.JPG
BBQ Pork (Char Siew) -
IMG_Orange Cake v2.jpg
IMG_0016 - View Res.JPG
IMG_0026 - View Res.JPG
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Taiwanese Pork Stew Rice (Lu Rou Fan) -
Taiwanese Pork Stew Rice (Lu Rou Fan) -
Steamed Sweet Potato Mantao -
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IMG_0019 - View Res.JPG
IMG_0018 - View Res.JPG
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