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I wish that my cookbooks could be a blessing to every homecook.  Cooking for my family and friends brings me so much joy.  Every single recipe in this book is being tested again and again, food photos are also taken by me.  Yes, there is no team, no lightning crew, no photographer, no editor or sponsors, except for cover photographer, book publisher and book designer. 

This cookbook is truly a Home-Made product.  Most recipes found here have been shared freely before in my page, Annie Xavier – Annie Xavier Kitchen in Facebook.  Some are also made into videos for free viewing and sharing.  The process of compiling these recipes into a beautiful book requires a massive amount of hardwork, patience, dedication and love.  It was indeed very time, energy and cost consuming to put together a book and I sincerely wish all my readers would appreciate the effort I put in.


Ultimately, you all, my readers are the force and inspiration behind my work!  I would like to thank all the supporters of my Facebook Page, my readers, my family and my friends!

AXK Low Calorie Cover Front.jpg
Annie Xavier Kitchen:  Low Calorie Weight-Loss Cookbook 低卡瘦身食谱 



Featuring 44 delectable recipes from Annie Xavier! (Thermomix cooking steps & Conventional Stove cooking steps included in both English & Mandarin language)

Mindless eating habits or cooking style, lack of physical activities, ageing, stress, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalance and perhaps a sedentary lifestyle … all these could be the reason for weight gain issues. There are many ways to lose weight, many kinds of diet plan as well. As for me, the oldest school of thought is always the best, which is by consuming lesser calories than I burn or by burning more calories than I consume.

This book is about what I cook to eat to lose 14kg and counting to more (I hope!!!). Of course to lose weight, I don’t just eat clean and apply portion control on my food intake, I also take in lots of fluid daily (as much as 6 liters of plain water daily) and exercise as much as my schedule allows me to. Always remember that eating healthy and clean should be a long term lifestyle change and not a short term diet and weight control is a journey, not really a destination.


Be patient, enjoy life and have a social life (eating indulgence or holiday once a while with family and friends) is equally important to keep our sanity and glow.

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