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This is a special edion cookbook.  "Cook with Simon - easy recipes to cook along with mommy" is available both physical book to purchase in this website or eBook is ONLY available via Rakuten!I hope all of you and loves one will like these dishes cooked and prepared by my youngest daughter Simone Xavier!  Let your childrens try it out and have some fun, i hope they build up self confidence with these simplify recipes steps and loving to cook!

Cook with Simone - easy recipes to cook along with mommy



Featuring 28 delectable easy recipes for young ones from my daughter Simone Xavier! (Thermomix cooking steps & Conventional Stove cooking steps included in both English & Mandarin language)

My name is Simone Xavier and i am 11 years old (2021).  1 am the youngest daughter of Annie Xavier.  My mommy inspired me to cook, i am thankful to her and i love her very much...  but i always prefer to bake.  Thank you so much to everyone for supporting our cookbook.  I wish all children will be inspired to learn how to cook and bake for their family and friends.

我是Simone Xavier, 今年11岁。我是Annie Xavier最小的女儿。我的妈咪启发了我动手下厨,我很感谢她,也非常爱她。。。但一直以来我更喜欢烘培。非常感谢大家对我们食谱的支持。我希望所有孩子都会受到激励,学习如何为家人和朋友做饭和烘培.。谢谢您们!

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