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"Love Annie Xavier’s recipes, very easy to follow and delicious. My favourite is the pan mee with fresh noodles which was a hit with my father in law! Look forward to her new books!" 

~ Joanne Ling, St Albans, United Kingdom 


"I was so excited to receive this book and swear it is definitely worth it! Annie has put together great Asian recipes that can be done easily with my Thermomix. I have tried several recipes and my favourites are the Steamed Savory Yam Cake, Braised Chicken with Soy Sauce and Taiwanese Pork Stew Rice. They tasted amazing, looks exactly like the photos too. 2 months later, I have ordered another book for my aunt as a gift. I cannot wait to try out the rest of the recipes together with her!" 

~ Jessica Lo, Shanghai 

"I am so blessed to get Volume 1 of TM Cooks, You Relax cookbook. The recipes are simple to follow and delicious and I can even cook them well without using Thermomix (cos I do not have a Thermomix…yet). The recipe choices are very inspirational that I am able to mix and match the ingredients and still get yummy results! The book definitely brings out the cook in me." 

~ Aria Imelda Santosa, Selangor, Malaysia 

~ Founder of A Taste Boutique page in Facebook 

"Being a Malaysian staying in the USA, it is always a challenge to be able to taste authentic Malaysian food. I am very excited to know Annie, and what she has created in TM Cooks, You Relax. The recipes are wonderful, very easy to follow, delicious and inspiring. Thank you Annie for your passion, looking forward to volume 2!!" 

~ Eileen Ong, Thermomix Consultant California, USA 

~ Founder of Thermie Playground 小美游乐园 group in Facebook 

"Annie’s recipes are so easy to follow and my family loves the food I cook for them now. They are the perfect daily recipes for your family. Our family’s favourite is the Savory Glutinous Rice. I am looking forward to her volume 2, volume 3 and so on."  

~ Agnes Chin, Perth, Australia 

~ Owner of Rasa Enak Perth Restaurant 

"No-fuss recipes using simple ingredients that are readily available. Authentic taste of home. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more recipes from you, Annie!" 

~ Ainee Cheah, Stavanger, Norway 


"Nothing beats your hometown food. When you are far away from home, craving your favourite bowl of rice with that special sauce you cannot find anywhere else. Thank you Annie. With your cookbook, I can cook it now with my Thermomix. Feeling a step closer to home!!! It is delicious. My daughter kept asking for more and more!!!" 

~ Ling Lim, London, United Kingdom 


"I bought my Thermomix 2 years ago but never really used it much, either it is because recipes require too much ingredients that need to be prepared or too many steps to follow. As a full time working mother of two, I need to do everything fast and meals must be easy and ready in under an hour. Here comes  "TM COOKS, YOU RELAX" to the rescue. Recipes require simple ingredients that most Asian families would have in their kitchen and nowadays, dinner is always on time and kids in bed before 9pm. Even my husband can sort out dinner by using the marinated proteins (courtesy of recipes from Annie’s cookbook) that I have prepared overnight. He has no problem cooking for the kids while am in my night shifts." 

~ Ashley Tan, Victoria, Australia 

"As a full-time working mother who tries not to deprive my family of wholesome and nutritious home cooked meals despite my hectic schedule, Annie's rigorously tried and tested recipes for Thermomix users are truly treasures. I started following Annie Xavier – TM Cooks, You Relax page on Facebook few months back and have since been using her recipes for most of my dinner dishes. Her recipes are simple, easy to follow yet yield such amazing results, with attractive colors, the right texture and beautiful flavours. Her cookbook is a must-have for Thermomix users for convenient, fuss-free daily meal preparation. And it also makes perfect gift for my fellow Thermomix moms!" 

~ Jacqueline Chuah, Kedah, Malaysia 

"Deliciously authentic Asian meals and Sweet Treats that taste great and are easy to make with the help of your Thermomix. Brings back some wonderful memories of time spent in Malaysia. There are amazing photos of what the food looks like and the recipes are easy to follow. Highly recommended. Thanks Annie. Looking forward to the next cookbook."  

~ Liz Arvela , Wollongong, Australia. 


"I have been following TM Cooks, You Relax facebook page since I had my thermomix, and being a food blogger, I love trying out new things. Staying away from home, meant that I miss food that I usually get to have, cooked by my mum. Annie's recipes not only bring me back to the comfort of home-cooked food, but also allow me to cook for my two loved ones. Easy recipes and they taste absolutely delicious!" 

Lianne Ho-Low, Melbourne, Australia 

Founder of Food Made with Love Page in Facebook 

“I have been a follower to TM Cooks, You Relax for a long time. Annie’s recipes are easy to follow and very tasty! Perfect for busy working mum like me! I enjoy cooking with my Thermomix especially with recipes Annie created.”

~ Kim Ching, Victoria, Australia


“I have been a follower of TM Cooks, You Relax even before I purchase my TM. I love Annie’s recipes because it’s so easy to follow with great details and tips. All her recipes are put together so well and will yield the result as expected. I am complimented on my cooking by my friends and even my family has been impressed. Tq Annie!”

~ YeanSuan Soon, Malaysia


“I wanted my husband to remember Thermomix cooks, hence I decided to follow your recipes. My boys are impressed. Your recipes are fantastic and easy to follow. Thanks again for the recipes and thank you for making a cooking pleasure for me :)”

~ Caroline Tay, Malaysia


“TM Cooks, You Relax I have been your number 1 fan following you from the first day before you became a household celebrity name! Your amazing Malaysian and Asian cuisine is so homely, delicious, nostalgic but yet your recipes are simple and easy to follow. You are my go to girl for east meets west! Thank you!”

~ Ky-Lee Anne Owen, Perth, Australia


“I cook a lot of your recipes that you post and we love them.”

~ Linda Bale, Tweed Heads, Australia


“To own a Thermomix and the accompanying recipe book is great. But to be able to whip up much more authentic and scrumptious meals makes the investment on this wonderful machine an immediate payoff! I am able to do that with TM Cooks, You Relax. By following the recipes and tips, I am able to create dishes I never thought possible. Introducing new taste and cuisine to my children and hosting gatherings are now a big delight!”

~ Jinny Lim, Sydney, Australia


“I'm one of many followers of TM Cooks, You Relax and feel so lucky to have found the page on Facebook. I've been cooking so many of the recipes and loved each and every one, they are so easy to follow and easy to make, and they taste incredibly nice"

~ Elisa Triscari Reale, Perth, Australia


“I love TM Cooks, You Relax and been a massive fan since I first discovered it. The recipes are so delicious and simple to follow!”

~ Angela Ashley-Chiew, Angela’s Little Kitchen, Melbourne, Australia


“I am a follower of TM Cooks, You Relax and Annie's recipe inspired me a lot in cooking Malaysian food with this super machine. I owned Thermomix few years already but never cooked with so many different food until I met TM Cooks, You Relax. Annie's recipes are very easy to follow and the result impressed me very much! Thank you Annie for sharing so many wonderful recipes with everyone!”

~ April Koh, Taipei, Taiwan


“I have been following TM Cooks, You Relax since the first day, Annie is so generous to share her recipes with the public. All her recipes are very easy to follow and the food tastes good.”

~ Merry Tse, Kota Kinabalu, East Malaysia


Most perfect, comprehensive, 'no need to ask' all explained, well made page I've come across for Thermomix cooking! U fully get what your page is about, what people are on your page for and what they need and u do it perfectly! So refreshing for a change! THANK U!

~ Emanuella Ricci, Auckland, New Zealand

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