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This is Annie Xavier Kitchen's Volume 10 - Low Carb (Gluten-Free) Cookbook,you can order physical book via the following "BUY NOW" button or purchase eBook via Rakuten!I hope all of you and loves one will like these dishes as these are what i plan to cook for my family, happy health life! 

Annie Xavier Kitchen Volume 10
- Low Carb (Gluten-Free) 低卡 - (无麸质)食谱



Two years ago, I embarked on a life-changing journey that led me to create a better and healthier version of myself. This journey was my inspiration for my previous cookbook - Annie Xavier Kitch-en’s Low Calorie Weight-Loss Cookbook and as I continue in this journey, I was inspired to create more recipes that are in line with this.

In this Low Carb (Gluten-Free) Cookbook, you will find recipes of comfort food with a generous hint of indulgence that are simple to prepare in your kitchen!

I believe there is a reason for the different classification of food and we should not be too extreme in avoiding any one of it.  

Losing weight takes a very strong mindset and focused discipline. So try to maintain a mindset that inspires healthier eating. If you’re trying to change your eating habits but slip up and mindlessly eat, get back up and keep trying. Remember that change doesn’t happen overnight. The most im-portant thing is to keep going in the right direction while enjoying the journey, enjoying your life, enjoying the food you eat.

两年前,我踏上了一个改变生命的旅程,让我能够成为一个更好、更健康的自己。这旅程是我上一册食谱《Annie Xavier Kitchen 低卡瘦身食谱》的灵感来源。在我继续这旅程的过程中,我受到了启发以创造出更多与此相符的食谱。




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