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Annie Xavier lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with her two adorable children, a loving husband.   When she is not headhunting talents and matching resumes, she loves to cook and create. This book is a cumulative of her passion for cooking, and her tried and tested recipes, whipped up beautifully in the very clever Thermomix.

Being a mom is always not an easy task, Annie is more than just a mom. She has a full time headhunting business to run and on top of all these, she cooks daily for her family, she chauffeur her kids around for enrichment classes, she guides them in their studies and she updates her Facebook page: TM Cooks, You Relax, freely sharing recipes photo/videos almost on a daily basis.

Her family seldom eats out. She always believes there is nothing more satisfying than a home-cooked meal and cooking for her family is certainly her way of showing her love to them. If you were to interview her husband on which is the best restaurant in Malaysia, it is pretty certain that he will answer it is his home eating the food cooked by his lovely wife. They both believe that home cooked food is more intimate and can connect people in a way that money cannot buy.

But where does she find the time to cook and bake when she is wearing so many hats? Of course it’s none other than with the great help from Thermomix, an automated cooking machine.

After having owned and diligently experimented countless recipes on her TM31 and TM5, she has the idea to passing on and sharing her cooking adventures in Facebook by starting a page calls TM Cooks, You Relax. In her latest TM Cooks, You Relax Volume 2  recipe book, she also included Conventional Cooking steps so that more can share the joy of cooking!

Every single recipe in her book is being tested again and again, food photos are also taken by herself.  There is no team, no lightning crew, no food photographer, no editor or sponsors etc.

She wish her journey in recipe sharing, her passion in cooking never ends and encouraging women's of all walks of life to enjoy cooking for your loves one and fullfill their dream!

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