This is a special edition cookbook.  "Cook with Chanelle - easy recipes for my college years" is available both physical book to purchase in this website or eBook is ONLY available via Rakuten!I hope all of you and loves one will like these dishes cooked and prepared by my eldest daughter Chanelle Xavier!  Let your young ones try it out and have some fun, I hope they build up self confidence with these simplify recipes steps and loving to cook!

Cook with Chanelle - easy recipes for my college years



Featuring 31 delectable easy recipes for young ones from my eldest daughter Chanelle  Xavier! (Thermomix cooking steps & Conventional Stove cooking steps included in both English & Mandarin language)

"Hi, my name is Chanelle Xavier, the eldest daughter of Annie Xavier. In the making of this book, i learned to cook simple and delicious dishes with the help of my mommy.  I realized it is important to learn this living skill as i will soon go off to college and learn to live like an adult."

"嗨,我是Chanelle Xavier, 是Annie Xavier的长女。在制作这本书的过程中,我在妈咪的帮助下学会了做简单可口的菜肴。我意识到学习这项生活技能很重要。因为我很快就要上大学了,学习像成年人一样生活。"

Goong Ob Woonsen (Thai Glass Noodle With Prawns) 泰式粉丝虾煲
Thai Braised Pork Belly 泰式焖五花腩
Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie 煎锅版巧克力粒曲奇
Buttermilk Chicken 白脱牛奶炸鸡
Oven Baked Vietnamese Chicken Wings 烤箱版越式烤鸡翅
Pad Thai 泰式炒粿条
Salted Caramel Popcorn 咸味焦糖爆米花
Creamy Chicken Pasta With Sun-Dried Tomatoes