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1st July 2023

Annie Xavier Kitchen Volume 10 - Low Carb (Gluten-Free) ebook is now available for purchase via Rakuten's

3rd Jan 2022

Annie Xavier Kitchen Volume 8 - Yummy CNY Recipes eBook is now available for purchase via Rakuten's This new eBook will replace the 2021 CNY special eBook edition adding on more recipes (43 recipes in total)

19th Nov 2021

Both Cook with Simone and Cook with Chanelle is now online.  You can purchase it via (just search for Annie Xavier Kitchen)

26th Sept 2021

My youngest daughter's cookbook (Cook with Simone) is finally ready !  Its available in physical book and eBook.   Will be available online the next 1-2 days!  Yeah!

1st April 2021

Annie Xavier Kitchen eBook:  Volume 1-7 and special Chinese New Year special edition 2021 is online and only availble via Rakuten's

19th January 2021

We just launched Annie Xavier Kitchen Special Chinese New Year eBook 2021.  It is only available in eBook format and only via Rakuten

Annie Xavier Kitchen Volume 1  to 6, all 6 eBooks can be only purchase via (Rakuten).  

​You can click on the following book cover image to direct you to Rakuten's to purchase Annie Xavier Kitchen's cookbook or visit URL








Step by step instructions to purchase my book:


I. Get the free Rakuten's Kobo Books app for your Android or iOS device to start reading Annie Xavier Kitchen eBooks from Kobo.

The Rakuten Kobo Books app lets you read Annie Xavier Kitchen eBooks from the Rakuten Kobo store, right on your smartphone or tablet.


The Kobo Books app is compatible with:

  • Android: Android 6 and above.

  • Apple (iOS): OS 12 and above.


To download the Kobo Books app:

  1. On your iOS or Android device, go to

  2. Follow the onscreen steps to download the Kobo Books app.

I. 在你的安卓或苹果iOS设备上获得免费的乐天Kobo Books应用程序,开始阅读来自Kobo的Annie Xavier厨房电子书。


乐天Kobo Books应用程序可以让你在智能手机或平板电脑上阅读来自乐天Kobo商店的Annie Xavier厨房电子书。


Kobo Books应用程序兼容:

  • 安卓: 安卓 6及以上版本。

  • 苹果(iOS):iOS 12及更高版本。


要下载Kobo Books应用程序:


2.按照屏幕上的步骤下载Kobo Books应用程序。

II. Download and install the Kobo Books app from the App Store on your Apple device or Google Play Store on your Android device to read Annie Xavier Kitchen eBooks from

IMPORTANT: Due to an agreement with Apple, you CANNOT purchase eBooks directly on the Kobo Books app.

The Kobo Books app on Apple iOS device is compatible with OS 12 and above.

The Kobo Books app on Android device is compatible with Android OS 6.0 and above.


To purchase eBooks and audiobooks, go to to buy your content. After the check out process, sync your Kobo Books app to start reading or listening.

  1. Tap the App Store icon on your Apple device or Google Play Store on your Android device.

  2. Search for Kobo Books.

  3. Tap  Kobo Books.

  4. Tap the Get button to download and install the app.


II. 乐天Kobo Books应用程序: 从苹果App Store下载并安装在你的苹果iOS设备上或谷歌PlayStore下载并安装在你的安卓设备上,从中阅读Annie Xavier Kitchen电子书.


注意:由于与苹果公司达成协议,您不能直接在Kobo Books应用程序上购买电子书或有声读物。


Kobo Books应用程序与苹果iOS 12及更高版本兼容。

Kobo Books应用程序与安卓6.0及更高版本兼容。

去买书:在Kobo.com购买你需要的电子书。退出后,同步你的Kobo Books应用程序开始阅读。

  1. 轻触开始屏幕上的苹果App Store图标或安卓PlayStore图标。

  2. 搜索Kobo书籍。

  3. 点击乐天Kobo Books。

  4. 点击“获取”按钮下载并安装应用程序。

III. If you're new to Kobo, create a free account to use the Kobo Books app.


After you've created a Kobo account, you can buy content from, and sign in to Kobo apps and Kobo eReaders.

To create an account:

  1. Tap the  Kobo Books app icon.

  2. Tap Continue with Kobo.

  3. Tap Create Kobo account at the top of the screen.

  4. Follow the onscreen steps to create your account.


III. 如果你是Kobo的新用户,请创建一个免费帐户来使用Kobo图书应用程序。



  1. 轻触Kobo Books应用程序图标。

  2. 轻触Continue with Kobo。

  3. 轻触屏幕顶部的“创建Kobo帐户”。

  4. 按照屏幕上的步骤创建帐户。

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